Property owners with negative equity in their property

A short sale is one way out of an upside-down mortgage.


Property owners struggling with mortgage payments

A short sale may be benficial to those who no longer have the financial resources to meet their mortgage payments.


Property owners experiencing a significant life change

Death, illness, or divorce can force property owners to sell when their property has little or no equity. A short sale may prevent further financial loss.


Foreclosure Prevention via Short Sale

A SHORT SALE of your home can prevent foreclosure and it’s negative consequences. If you have negative equity, or can’t pay your mortgage, or are forced to sell with little or no equity, a short sale may relieve you of this crippling burden.


Why Our Short Sale Team is the BEST!

We have the experience that proves our success with getting short sales approved. Our experience & expertise in the market has provided us with extensive contacts with lenders & realtors, allowing us to deliver results quickly. In the past year, our team of negotiators has approved all short sales within 8-10 weeks!

  • Successfully negotiated & closed hundreds of short sale transactions in 2012.
  • 10 Years of expertise in this market, including underwriting loans.
  • Masters at utilizing the Equator System.
  • Full time dedicated staff at all times.